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Bum Tschak Groove Lab: Creating fun loops from a simple 2-mic-drum-recording


this two-part video workshop shows, how simple drum recordings, done with just a laptop-mic, a smartphone or one or two drum microphones, can be manufactured to create individual and fun loops. the (video)-series, produced exclusively for bonedo, is in german language only (sorry abou that..) and has corresponding text-info for part 1 and part 2, which you can also find at bonedo.

Drumtrainer Berlin is online


since a couple of weeks drumtrainer berlin is online. at there is tips & tricks & performances by many outstanding drummers – and i am happy to be one of them. i recorded a three-part lesson on concepts interpretating musical phrases at the drumtrainer studio (german language only). you can watch the course-teaser for free, all course-modules are available for just a few bucks – if you are a member (from € 1.- / month). come on and explore the all new drumtrainer online and find out about the fine national (rubow, pfennig, lehrmann and many others) and international drummers  (carlock, lewis, robinson …) sharing their knowledge.

the pathfinder

it seems, whatever jojo mayer touches, turnes into something beautiful, spectacular and highly aesthetic. his film “changing time” turns out to be one of the best music-documentaries out there, giving insight to personal history, creative thinking  just as everyday life moments of one of the most proficient ad innovative drumming musicians on our planet. an absolute must watch!

the invincible

with the drumKAT, u.s.-american manufacturer kat inc. / alternate mode developed  the probably best and most complex percussive midi controller ever built. it is a dinosaur, but one that even today still knows how to impress. i wrote a little “secret tip electronics” on featuring my very own drumKAT, version 3.8  – unfortunately german language only.

output introduces “exhale”










los angeles based software developers output created  “exhale”,
a truly groundbreaking  innovation when it comes to working with vocal sounds:
exhale is a playable vocal engine built for producers, composers, artists and sound designers. it’s the first truly modern vocal engine. and that’s just exactly my thing!

why ableton loop 2015 was rad – a little review






last weekend ableton held their first summit under the name “loop” . three days of workshops, panels, discussions, concerts and personal encounters, all around the main topic of “making music”.
  the summit was located at the impressive event location radialsystem v, a former industrial building transformed into a cultural center right at the river spree, close to where the berlin wall used to be. right after entering and getting registered, everybody’s warm vibe, coming from sheer happiness to be there, mutual respect and the desire to unprejudicetly communicate with everybody was felt. i am only pointing this out, since this is not always the case at meetings of  the so called “creative branches”.

the only panel-talk at day one of the summit featured no one less than robert henke,
 who was eloquently introduced by ableton’s dennis desantis. henke, musician and artist (monolake), co-founder of ableton (1999) and creator of the mighty granulator, entertained and informed the crowd in the main hall with profound whisdom and fun anecdotes on his career and on the topic “success = failure” – and all that while he was suffering from a serious flew.
as with every evening at loop, there were concerts connected to the event to be seen,  james holden & camilo tirado kicked it off at babylon cinema, amongst other acts.
Robert Henke Dennis DeSantis Loop 2015

day two started just as ensouled as the first one ended. again and again participants needed to make decisions, which of the workshops, discussions etc. one wanted to attend next. and cleverly, things were organised in a way, that mass-movement of people to the same events was avoided, so that at all times there were plenty of people outside the building at the riverside to meet and get to talk to. luckily, berlin was gentle and gave us sunny and warm weather all weekend long.
Linn Schmitt Loop 2015

Stephan Schmitt Loop 2015
around lunch time for example i attended a true all-star-panel, featuring some of the most visionary instrument- and software-designers in the world: roger linn, creator of the first sample-based drum machine (linn lm-1) and akai’s iconic mpc workstation, stephan schmitt, founder of native instruments and creative mind behind modular software instrument reaktor, carla scaletti, creator of kyma sound design language and gerhard behles, ableton’s ceo, who in the mid 1990’s  was the other half of monolake, henke’s  band, mentioned earlier. super interesting to listen to those people discuss their stories and ideas.
obviously it’s simply impossible to describe all the events i attended in detail here – those, who could not paricipate the summit in person should keep an eye on in the near future;  it was communicated, that since all events were recorded in audio and video, they will be published sometime soon. 
Holly Herndon Loop 2015

Young Guru Loop 2015
not only as an artist i’ve had a long time relationship with ableton, since six years i am also a certified trainer. saying that, it was extra special to meet up with 30 other fellow ct’s at the ableton headquarters on saturday night for beer & pizza after the official part of loop had ended for the day. meeting some of the boys and girls in person, who were flown in from all over the world, for the first time, after exchanging information with them for years in our closed social media group, was just awesome. names became faces became characters – what a fun evening.  and when then, later on that night, this unique group of people were each handed a device of ableton’s new mega controller push 2 prior the official launch, my day was just perfect. xmas in november.







on sunday, after too little sleep, the last day of loop started early for me – with a workshop, that i have especially been looking forward to: “on and off the grid – acoustic drummers and electronic music”. although one of my favourite creative fellow drummers, zach danziger from new york, was one of three guests on the stage, i have to say, this was the only round of loop i was really disappointed with – and from what  i’ve heard from others who were there, i was’nt the only one feeling that way. due to karma-reasons, i will not go into detail here. those, who are interested in the causa, should make up their own opinion by watching the event’s video broadcast when it will be published on the ableton website some time soon. it surely had nothing to do with zach. 
Fun Loop 2015
after some more inspiring workshops, conversations and establishing contacts, it was now time for the final showdown. and that came like a bomb. while ableton had carefully avoided to make loop a brand-presenting self-show-off event, and instead successfully put the focus on “music making” in general during the whole weekend, gerhard behles and his leading team eventually presented the magical news of the company: push 2. live 9.5. link.

Sampling Push 2 Loop 2015

Sounds Push 2 Loop

Gerhard Behles# Loop 2015this final keynote was highly emotional, and that was not only for the mindblowing technological news which were presented to the aweing audience, but especially for the unique social path that the company has decided to take:
 the “trade your push 1 for a push 2 unit and get 30% off the price and we will donate all returned push 1 units to underpriviliged schools and students around the planet (including a full live license) ” simply blew me and the rest the audience away. 
that was a rad, unforgettable moment.
 even though i knew about all that before the event, it was overwhelming to feel the crowd’s respect and love for this decision. gerhard himself  was obviously deeply touched recieving this kind of reception.
 one can watch the whole final workshop here, although the atmosphere in the room is hard to recreate on a screen.

to me, ableton loop 2015 in berlin and everything around it, was one of the greatest and most beautiful experiences of my recent life. i am happy and proud to be a part of the ableton family.

the drummer makes the tempo

in the past years i have been in regular contact with andrew robertson from the centre of digital music at london’s queen mary university. he has been working on his vision of a device to make ableton live follow the tempo provided by a live drummer. he later came up with “b-keeper” a maxforlive device, which did quiet a good job. and now, this has turned into “beat seeker”, a handy and simple to use piece of magic. just switch between variable and fixed tempo using a midi controller or footswitch. this maxforlive device is fantastic for everyone who wants to free himself from having to play to a clicktrack, as soon as a sequencer running.

more about beat seeker on