the drummer makes the tempo

in the past years i have been in regular contact with andrew robertson from the centre of digital music at london’s queen mary university. he has been working on his vision of a device to make ableton live follow the tempo provided by a live drummer. he later came up with “b-keeper” a maxforlive device, which did quiet a good job. and now, this has turned into “beat seeker”, a handy and simple to use piece of magic. just switch between variable and fixed tempo using a midi controller or footswitch. this maxforlive device is fantastic for everyone who wants to free himself from having to play to a clicktrack, as soon as a sequencer running.

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reverse engineering – inner vision of a legendary track

dj & producer jim pavloff impressing us with his mindblowing reconstruction of the prodigy’s big beat classic “smack my bitch up”.  done in 2009  on ableton live 8,
the video is unveiling the original samples and production methods used for the creation of the track, clearly showing the genuis of the 1997 original.  Isn’t it amazing, what big ears, skills, creatitivity and ableton live can do..?!

ableton live: hidden new devices under max 7

steve reich goes digital


steve reich’s “clapping music” is a milestone in modern classical music and a a part of reich’s body of work around the so called minimal music. now available for ios devices, fun to play with..

hbt interviews

bum tschak groovelab: tuning vocals & instruments with a push of a button