photography by maren michaelis
photography by maren michaelis

berlin based harry bum tschak plays the drums. his uncle was a jazz drummer, and when he stopped playing, harry got his beautiful old hayman drumkit. he`s been playing ever since. harry spent a lot of time in kenya as a child, went to school in germany and in the usa and after his abitur graduation went on to study drums in düsseldorf (drummer`s institute), in new york city (drummer`s collective) and in hamburg (kontaktstudiengang popularmusik).  2010 hbt and his long time companion mk founded their hamburg based label horst records, on which they published their-electro-massacre-duo muttersoehnchen (winner of the hearts at bundesvision songcontest 2011), where harry is – absurd enough –  attempting to sing. as a beatmaker, producer and geeky specialist for working with electronica and ableton live harry has made a name for himself. apart from his lectureship for drums at hamburg university of music and theatre (kontaktstudiengang popularmusik, “popkurs”) and his teaching assignements at hamburg school of music and drumtrainer berlin, ableton certified trainer harry bum tschak is conducting dedicated workshops at universities and institutions such as noisy academy berlin. He also enjoys counseling bands and artists to realise their stage performances with ableton live. over the years, drummer hbt has had the oppurtunity to record, perform and tour with many interesting people, some great musicians and yes, a few funny characters.
here are some names:
jaw / marcus deml`s errorhead, /nena / jerry donahue / doug morter / finkenauer /  pohlmann / reggy worthy / jb meijers / wouter planteijdt / palomino /perlen vor die säue (pole) / right said fred / ken stringfellow / jon paris / lincoln goines / tim regusis / der junge mit der gitarre /zucker,  …
in theatre productions as chairholder (c) or freelancer (f):
abba`s mamma mia (c) / disney´s the lion king (f) /
polanski`s the fearless vampire killers (f)  /mozart (f) / cy coleman`s i love my wife (c) /
ich will spass (c) / drum coach for blue man group (f) / abba mania (f) …